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Hire Second-Chance Employees

Immersive Training Experience Teaching You How to Hire and Retain Second Chance Employees

Do you struggle with the idea of hiring a second chance employee?

Do you think it would cost too much money?

Do you think it would cost you too much time?

Does it seem to hard to integrate?

Are you concerned for your safety?

Is it time to rethink the impact you are having at work?

Is it time to rethink how you ”give back”?

Beneficial For:

Small to Medium Businesses




Non-Profits and Social Enterprises

Government Agencies & Departments

Religious & Community Organizations

Anyone who wants to change lives & corporate cultures

Check out Rob Perez talking about his social enterprise, DV8 Kitchen, and why it’s important for ALL employers to hire at least one second chance employee.

Workshop Details

Join us for an immersive one-day training experience that teaches how to hire, motivate, and retain second chance employees WITHOUT wasting your time or money, all while having a higher purpose at work.

Many people don’t have enough time in their week to work, meet family obligations AND give back to their community…what if you could give back and develop a social impact with a higher purpose AT WORK? You are going to be AT work for most of your waking hours in a week anyway, your organization has a budget for hiring and training, what if you used that time and budget to give someone a second chance and just possibly change a life?

This workshop will teach you how to integrate hiring second chance employees into your current organization without spending more money or time. You will leave with the confidence knowing that you truly can incorporate this hiring process based on successful track records of people who are doing it.

What You Will Learn

  • How to successfully hire and retain second chance employees
  • Overcome apprehension and concern about hiring second chance employees with proven models of success
  • How to build trust and loyalty with second chance employees
  • Gain confidence in hiring second chance employees
  • How to use your time and energy at work for a higher purpose
  • How to have social impact at work
  • Save money and time with proven track records and systems of success that are working
  • How to be 20% better than your competition
  • How to motivate and enlist a community in your goal/vision
  • How to communicate, lead, and mentor using an integrated culture-building plan
  • How to fully maximize your career and your legacy
  • How to make a difference and invest in people to help you change your community
  • How to integrate a triple bottom line (Financial, Social, Spiritual)

Transform Yourself and Your Organization

Go from not having enough time or resources to give back to your community TO being a person who is giving people a second chance at life by having confidence in successfully hiring and retaining second chance employees.

Go from being someone that is timid or apprehensive of hiring second chance employees to a confident employer that successfully hires AND retains these employees and changes their life in the process.

Training Based on Model at DV8 Kitchen

This life-changing, fully immersive leadership event is based on the model at DV8 Kitchen in Lexington, Kentucky.  DV8 Kitchen is a social enterprise restaurant and bakery focused on hiring and training people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in order to give them a second chance.

By striving to be 20% better than other competing dining establishments and teaching life-changing skills, DV8 helps their employees continue their recovery success at work and in life. Any business or organization can benefit by including social impact into culture. Attend this workshop to learn how DV8 does it, the positive effect on the employees and the community, and how to build an organization with second chance employees.

Tuition Includes

  • Access to the one-day training event in Lexington, KY
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Materials to support you in your life changing business
  • Membership to the Ambassador Club
  • Includes: ongoing mentorship via Facebook group, email group, webinars, etc.

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